We are proud breeders of German Shorthairs, English Pointers and English Setters. We select dogs that possess outstanding hunting qualities and a pleasant demeanor. We carry a wide variety of dogs from close to long ranging in both fast and slow speeds. We offer these dogs in various stages, as puppies, started and finished. We have collectively over 30 years experience in hunting and training of bird dogs.

Started dogs are trained to stop when given the whoa command.  This allows the new owner to finish him out the way he wants. A Whoa broke dog is a dog that you have control over and knows basic commands.

​Dogs that hunt!

Whoa Broke Kennels

Our puppies are whelped indoors in a climate controlled facility. We doc their tales and remove the dew claws ourselves. All of the pups are taken to the vet and are given a physical to ensure that you are getting a healthy dog. 

​We define a finished dog as one that has been hunted in the field on wild birds. The dog must hold point under pressure, honor and retrieve game to hand. Finished dogs that we sell are dogs that we have hunted with through out a full hunting season.